windows 7 vpn setup guide


windows 7 vpn setup:No technical   skills required . NO software . No Equipment to purchase .Several network protocols have become popular as a result of VPN developments:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • IPsec
windows 7 vpn setup


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These protocols emphasize authentication and encryption in VPNs. Authentication allows VPN clients and servers to correctly establish the identity of people on the network. Encryption allows potentially sensitive data to be hidden from the general public.Windows 7 have it s own built in VPN Connection like Vista  & and windows 8 it is recommended to use it and it is compatible   to work with the PPTP protocol….

Assign your computer a New IP.Prevents local ISP from spying you.Protect yourself at Public Wi-Fi.anonymous web surfing.

        windows 7 vpn setup Guide .


Go to Control Panel . choose    ” Network and sharing center “

Click    ”  Set up a new connection or network ” to start windows 7 vpn setup

 windows 7 vpn

Click  Connect to a workplace.

windows 7 vpn 2

Click    ” Use my internet connection “.


Click   ”  i will set up an internet connection later”.


   Check : Don’t connect now . just set it up so i can connect later

            Internet Address :      put  the  VPN  IP  .  “you will get it”

                                                      DestinationName :     Put any a name you prefer.



Put the    User Name  and Password.  “you will get it’.

OR leave the User Name and Password  empty and put it every time you use the VPN.


Click   Close.


Go back to   Control Panel.

Click Change Adapter Setting .


Click the Name you choosed  to your VPN.


Put your User Name and Password to finish windows-7-vpn-installation.

Click Connect.



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